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My friends, it is important to have balance in life. No, life is not all poetry. And as a nod to balance, I present this page.

A friend of mine sent me a picture of a hammer and ruler held together with a loop of string and balanced on the end of a table. His comment was, "This makes no sense." I immediately realized that it did make sense, and was easily done, so I challenged him to try. I'm still awaiting his trial, but here is mine.

My normal hammer has a wooden handle with no grip, so it kept sliding off. This hammer has the grip, although it is smaller than a normal claw-peen hammer. Also notable is that I was being lazy and doing this quickly, so I used the first string-like thing that came to hand. It happened to be a little bubble-blower on a lanyard to go around the neck. Looped three times, it makes a fine size for the job. It is not tied in anyway, just looped.

My first picture was at an angle such that someone might think the hammer was against the table leg, so I took others.

From below the table. It's a wooden TV tray, by the way.

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