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Tips for Better Writing

This listing was initially intended to be published as a book; however, the author doesn’t have time enough to spend to get it in shape and out as a book. So, we publish it here as a hope that it will bring you value in your quest to improve as a poet.

This, like out list of forms, is a work in progress. It is not completed. Some entries are minimally sketched out. There are very few examples. Not all of the related tips are connected. Etc. If you have new tips to add or other thoughts towards improving this resource, please feel free to contact us at tips@poetryrenewal.com.

Consolidated List of Tips
FoundationFor a poet to stretch and grow, the first thing is to know about the craft. The more you learn about what a poem is, how it is structured, and what the options are, the better off you are.
InspirationTo write a poem, you must have a subject to write on. This section covers some methods for discovering ideas to write about.
PreparationBefore a poet sits down to write, here are some things to consider doing.
CreationYou have your idea and your pen in your hand? Great! Now, while you are creating that masterwork, you might want to consider a few new ideas.

NominationChoosing a title can be one of the more important tasks for a poet. Here are some tips on naming your works.
MaturationThese are advanced tips for advanced poets. Most poets will never use these ideas and never need to even read them.
ConversationConversation. Dialogues. If you write dialogues or develop characters to spew conversations in rhythm and rhyme, you might find some help in this particular area.
CollaborationThere might be many different reasons to have either a partner or a team that a poet would work in. Many reasons are related to bolstering strengths and eliminating weaknesses. For instance, when one is strong with words and the other strong with music and you want to write songs. Other possibilities are for cross-fertilization of ideas, learning from each other, more perspectives on the subject, overcoming blocks, as a creative challenge, or even just because you admire each other's work. It's also been rumored that it can be a great way to meet chicks. Speaking of which, writing collaborations can be a lot like sex. There are examples of one-poem stands, and others where the relationship has lasted a lifetime.
FrustrationHere are some tips for overcoming the dreaded Writer’s Block.
EvaluationTips on editing and critiquing your own work and the work of others.
LevitationSo, you want to write light verse...
CremationThe sad truth of some poems is that they shouldn't be left around as evidence. Here we produce some suggestions for those poems.
PublicationYou've written it and edited it and reworked it and submitted it to critique, and you think you have a great poem that you want to share with others? Here are some tips to speed you on your way.
RecitationPerformance of poetry, either as spoken word recitation or as a song, can be great learning tools for any poet interested in sharing poems or communicating a message to others. The tips in this section cover three areas: writing for performance, preparing for performance, and performing poetry.
DigitizationThere are several considerations in creating a CD of poetry or songs. One is how to select the items as the content. Another is the order. A third is how to go about actually creating and mass-producing the CD or other type of recording. Here are some tips to help you in your process of creating your mass-market product, so that you, too, may be as rich as Madonna. Well, at least you'll have a nearly unlimited supply of paperweights
ExhortationMiscellaneous tips that didn’t fit in with any of the other categories.
AppendicesOther materials that relate to the tips for writing better poetry.

For a laugh, feel free to read our Story behind the Tips for Better Writing.

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