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Poetic Forms Lists

We presently have five hundred “forms” listed. Some of them are true forms, such as the sonnet. Some are just terms for the poet’s lexicon. You can access the forms through the menus below. We still have several other forms in the database to add. This is a long-term process and project, so expect to see change and new additions regularly.

As we are converting over to this new format with forms divided across several pages, the reader might run into a link that has yet to be updated. Please pardon us during our transition period.

If you would like to help us out by providing other form definitions or see a problem with an existing page or definition, please e-mail new forms and corrections to: forms@poetryrenewal.com.

Thank you!

Main MenuConsolidated List of Poetic Forms and Terms
OriginsPoetic Forms and Terms by Origin
AppendagesNot usually used for an entire poem, but often used at the end of a poem or stanza of another construction.
End Word RequirementThe form dictates that line-ending words will repeat in a specific pattern.
Generative MethodThis is a method for creating a poem. The poem so generated does not have to make sense.
IsosyllabicAll lines are the same length in poems of this form.
LineCommonly used basic poetic building blocks
Method of MeasurementWays of determining meter in a poem. Way of counting and measuring.
Metrical RequirementThe form requires meter or has specific metrical requirements.
Other RequirementThe form has some structural requirement specific to it, such as the first line of the Teddy Poem.
Pivot RequirementHas a volta, pivot, or change of thought.
Poetic DeviceTricks of the trade
Repetitive RequirementThe form dictates some form of repetition.
Rhyme Scheme RequirementThe form either dictates a specific rhyme scheme or has a more flexible requirement that dictates that there be rhyme.
RhythmPatterns of stressed and unstressed (or long and short) syllables.
SimpleForms that are complete poems as one stanza.
StanzaicForm can be repeated indefinitely as a multiple section poem.
StructureForm that dictates the shape of a poem through requirements for rhyme, repetition, metrical components, and so forth
StyleForms that describe moods rather than affecting structure.
SubgenreLarge classes that subdivide poetry
SubjectForms that restrict the topic of the poem
TermGeneral poetic nomenclature
Word PoemThe focus of these poems is not sentences, but the interplay of indivdual words.

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