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Bio Poem


Structure, Other Requirement, Simple


This poetic form seems to have come from some teacher’s lesson plan for studying a book with lots of characters and relationships; however, that’s no reason not to co-opt and extend it to daily life. The bio-poem is written about one of the main characters of a book or your life with the contents of the eleven lines of the poem as described in the schematic. Somewhere in the poem, refer to a symbol from the book or your life that helps define the individual’s actions, emotions, personality, etc.


Apparently used as a teaching tool.

Line 1: The character's first name
Line 2: Four words that describe the character
Line 3: Brother or sister of...
Line 4: Lover of...(three ideas or people)
Line 5: Who feels...(three ideas)
Line 6: Who needs...(three ideas)
Line 7: Who gives...(three ideas)
Line 8: Who fears...(three ideas)
Line 9: Who would like to see...
Line 10: Resident of
Line 11: His or her last name
Rhythm/Stanza Length: 


Line/Poem Length: 



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