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Structure, Metrical Requirement, Other Requirement


Descort is French for "discord", and the form is almost more of a non-form. It requires that each stanza or verse have some similar lyrical elements; however, that they be totally different forms. Each stanza should be verse, that is, a structured portion of poetry, but not the same. They can conform to known verse structures or be nonce forms. Some descorts have even used different languages in different stanzas.



Varies within the poem as well as between.

Like any nonce form, the poet has great flexibility. In this case, it is a string of dissimilar nonce forms, so the flexibility is even greater.


The greatest weakness is that the poem will fall apart if there is not a strong enough tie between the disparate stanzas. If multiple languages are used for different stanzas, the poet is automatically limiting the audience to multi-lingual readers.

Starting Point: 

Start with a decision about an element to tie the stanzas together. It could be the use of anaphora or other poetic device. It could be having the first line in a specific meter, even though subsequent lines of each stanza might differ considerably. It could be an element of repetition. It could be a combination of these. There are any number of ways for a poet to link the stanzas.


See Also:  

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