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Base a poem on a dream you had.

Have you ever woken up with a strange or powerful dream on your mind? Ever had a recurring dream? How about someone you don't know in the real world that constantly haunts your dreams? Any of these can be fodder for the poetry and songwriting mill. Of course, you can always use a dream that someone else tells you about, as well. There is a gentleman named David Tamulevich of the group Mustard's Retreat who wrote a song based on a rather odd dream of his wife's. The song is called "The Raptor Polka", and is a wonderfully fun song. This author wrote words for a waltz tune based on a dream about an art work. The dreamer saw this field covered in bricks of red, white, and black laid out in a pattern of squares, each with a white snowflake with red bricks filling out the square and a black brick border. He remembered hearing the words "Vienna Snowflakes."

Status: Incomplete


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