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Write from a viewpoint people don't normally see about an occupation.

Find someone who has a job that most people think they know and understand. Maybe even find someone with a job that most people look down on. Talk to the person to get a different view. One of the best examples in modern art of this inspiration is the garbage man in Scott Adams' comic strip Dilbert. That garbage man is a genius who fixes the things that the engineer Dilbert couldn't get to work. So why is he a garbage man? He has a different view of the job than you might. That's true of every job, and you'll find some unlikely people in every job as well. Their stories may be inspiration for a poem from a different angle.

This can also be a great start for a type of dialog song. You can contrast the typical view with the different view in alternating lines or verses.

Tip Origin: Johnn “Trike” Schroeder

Status: Incomplete


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