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Compare and contrast.

Find something or a pair of things where you can compare and contrast. You can even write a dialogue between two sides of something or between opposing forces. Stan Rogers' "Lockkeeper" compares two lifestyles, the lifestyle of the sailor on the open seas with his light o' loves compared to the lockkeeper with his staid married life on land.

Find something to compare and contrast and write about it. Here are some possible things to write about:

  • Two of your friends
  • Yourself with a friend
  • Yourself and your love
  • Yourself to someone you don't like
  • Two toys
  • Two pets
  • Two lifestyles
  • Two cars
  • Two modes of transportation
  • Two ways of looking at a situation
  • Two countries
  • Two national leaders
  • Two dinners
  • Two cuisines
As you can see, there are literally hundreds of directions to go with this poetry idea generation method.

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