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Base a poem on wordplay such as puns or double entendre.

There is a whole category of blues songs based on double entendre. One example is Bob Franke's "I'm a Mainframe, Baby!"

Wordplay - Puns, double entendre, making it sound like you're saying one thing but really are saying another: these are all ways to get inspired for a poem. Perhaps we should not be so cruel as to encourage this particular type of poem, especially those based on groaner puns.

Shakespeare often used double meanings in his works. Many of the phrases he uses are purposefully ambiguous with his readers catching both meanings. The words with double meanings that Shakespeare used often came from different root languages as homonyms with very different meanings and histories. For instance, according to Rod Beattie's Will Power presentation he makes a pun in Julius Caesar involving a then current pronunciation of Rome as room. The name "Rome" coming from Latin and the word "room" coming from Anglo-Saxon roots.

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