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Make up a character that is an author and let him or her do the writing.

This one may sound a bit far-fetched, but it is more common than sane people might imagine. Of course, who ever claimed sanity for a poet? James Branch Cabell wrote an entire book of poetry in ancient romance languages such as Proven‡al attributing the poems to authors who never existed. Each "author" had his own style and wrote consistently. Depending on where one takes it, this behavior can border on being a hoax. There have been many examples in music as well as poetry. Fritz Kreisler was well known for "discovering" unknown pieces by famous composers while on holiday throughout Europe. Then there is Peter Schikele and P. D. Q. Bach, an imaginary son of J. S Bach. An author by the name of Pat Murphy uses multiple pseudonyms for writing and confusing readers. This can be a fun and mischievous way to find new inspiration, pep up your style, and pull people's leg all at the same time.

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