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Write as a companion piece to accompany a play or novel or other artwork.

You can write a piece as background music, interstitial music, or even as part of a scene in a play that you or someone you know writes. Stan Rogers, a Canadian folk singer, wrote two songs that accompanied radio plays. The songs were "Harris and the Mare" and "The Two Sisters".

You could write a poem to accompany a piece of art that you or someone else creates. Rather than doing a plain prose explanation for a gallery guide, the piece can be explained through poetry.

Many novels and even some non-fiction books start a chapter with a bit of poetry that is relevant to the chapter. Sometimes, the poets are not real, but made up by the author to support the book. Sometimes the poems are "written" by characters in the book. This can work with total fiction or with a book based on real characters. So, you have four choices for getting your poetry into a non-poetry book. First, you can write a book and create the poetry yourself. Second, you can find an author to work with and create poetry for the books that he or she may write. Third, you can write lots of poetry, get famous, die and have someone write a book about you that uses some of that poetry. The fourth option is more fun that dying first, and is somewhat of a combination of the second and third options. You can find an author who will use you as a character in his book and have you reciting poetry in various scenes. This last may take bribery, so good luck.

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