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Restrain yourself.

Many times as poets, we write about things that stir up the passion. Sometimes, we overdo it. In poetry, restraint is called for, especially in love poetry. You don’t have to throw everything into one poem. You can break it up and write several poems about your love. Perhaps one about your love’s eyes, another about the hair, etc. There are many other ways to address it without tying yourself in the sack with the cats you’re trying to drown.

As you are reading about new devices or forms, restrain yourself. Don’t overdo it, at least not for a serious poem. You might try some throw-aways in some new form or using a device that is new to you like dyfalu, but remember to be kind to your friends and family by not subjecting anyone to your experiments and practices. When you understand your new toy well enough and have had sufficient practice, you can share it with others with restraint.

Of course, as many of the author’s friends would inform you, this might be a point he should practice as well as preach.

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