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Be diplomatic.

“Be very, very diplomatic. As Anne Hills pointed out elsewhere, a song in its early stages is very tender. This is true of melody and of lyric. You can kill a song easily in its babyhood with one ill-timed glance or slightly-too-long pause.” -- Peter Berryman


Lou and Peter Berryman have been collaborating in songwriting for years. Lou is mainly the composer, while Peter is the lyricist. Not surprisingly, many of the tips in this section come from this collaborative team.

As Peter is quoted as saying above, diplomacy is very important in collaboration. In many way, it is as much applying the art of critique to your writing partner as it is doing the writing. And part of this is having the same sort of ground rules as you have for critiques. So, before collaborating, see out “Evaluation” section.

Tip Origin: Peter Berryman

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