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Be open.

“Be very, very open. If you turn a lyric over to a melodicist, and the melodicist comes back with a minor tango when you had a major polka in mind, and your first reaction is violently negative, don’t say anything. Give it time. Really learn the song in your mind using this new input. It still may not work, but on the other hand, it may give your lyric an entirely new and improved quality that had never occurred to you.” -- Peter Berryman


This suggestion is true whether you are working with a melodist, another poet who suggests changes, or another person who is critiquing your work. Let the ideas sink in. They might not be good ideas, or they might be brilliant, but if you are closed to suggestions, it really doesn’t matter, because you will never see the difference. When you don’t like a suggestion or change by your collaborator, give it some time.

Tip Origin: Peter Berryman

Status: Complete


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