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Put it aside for a time; write something else.

Some authors have multiple projects going in different formats so there is always something to write, but there’s no pressure for one specific thing to be written. The author of this book presently has these writing projects going:

  1. Two science fiction novels,
  2. A mystery novel,
  3. This poetry self-help book,
  4. A business marketing book,
  5. His own poetry, which could be gathered into a compilation book,
    1. Twenty-nine unfinished poems to work on when the mood strikes,
    2. Two-hundred-six poetry ideas for new poems,
  6. Newspaper opinion columns, which also could be compiled into book form.
    1. Two unfinished columns,
    2. Seven column ideas.
So, that’s seven book projects at once, plus numerous shorter writing opportunities. It gives something different to work on each day. This may not be the sanest way for a professional writer who is under deadlines, but if you are writing for fun, why not? You don’t have to be constrained to write one thing and finish it immediately.

Status: Complete


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