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Free associate.

There are various methods of free association that writers can use to break the block. One of these methods is called clustering, where you write down the central idea in the middle of a blank sheet. Then write related ideas all around it, and then write ideas related to those ideas. If you do this for long enough, you might decide to get back to work on your own.

Another free association exercise is as follows:

  • Think of a word and write it down. It can be any word. It doesn’t have to fit the theme you might have been trying to write on. The objective is to get back to writing.
  • Now set a kitchen timer or watch for at least one minute and start it going.
  • Write down a word that rhymes with the word you have chosen.
  • Use the time you have set to write down words that either rhyme with or are associated with one another. The point is to write quickly.
There are many other variations, but they all use the idea of free association. Don’t let your editor or critic in the room, just write quickly with whatever comes to mind.

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