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Consider how your rhyme scheme and form affects levity.

Some rhyme schemes and forms tend to be more likely to lend themselves better to funny poems. For instance, rhymed couplets often wind up with forced rhymes. These can be edited while revising the work, but sometimes are better left in, as was done often by Ogden Nash in what came to be known as Nashers. The villanelle is often considered a good form for light verse because of the repetition and the fact you only have two rhyme sets, an A and a B, that are repeated. That doesn’t preclude the villanelle or rhymed couplets from being used for very serious poetry, nor does it preclude, say a sonnet from being drop dead funny. But you might have to work harder in one case than the other.

Another factor in form is rhythm. Triplet rhythms (dactyl, amphibrachic, and anapestic) tend to be bouncier and lighter than the binary rhythms, such as iambic or trochaic.

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