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Don’t be embarrassed by work the audience loves.

If you find that your audience seems to love a piece of work that is not among your favorites, don’t just throw it away. If the audience likes it, there is a reason. Instead of tossing it out, analyze why they like it and you don’t. Maybe there is something in it that would be salvageable in another work? Perhaps they like it because it is funny, and you are taking yourself too seriously?

Consider publishing or recording it even though you don’t like it. Once it is published, in whatever format, you can refer the audience members to the recording when they beg for it in concert or at a recitation. That way, if they want to hear a piece that you don’t like, you don’t have to perform it or hear it, you don’t disappoint them, and you make money by selling the publication.

Yes, the author of this publication is a mercenary soul. Thank you for noticing!

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