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Follow instructions to the letter.

Most magazine editors can be pretty persnickety about getting things in the proper format, getting the proper number of submissions, getting submissions in the proper electronic format, etc. They have a reason to want things submitted correctly. They may be dealing with thousands of submissions, and it isn’t worth their time to deal with someone who can’t follow instructions. Get their submission guidelines and follow them. Do not send them a note with a link to your Website with words to the effect of, “Why don’t you look at the three thousand poems I have here and choose some you like.” That is seen as arrogance. Be considerate by saving the editors time by following their rules. You still might not get published, but you have a much higher chance of it.

As a formalist poetry journal that will not publish free verse, it is amazing how many free verse poems come in to Poetry Renewal. So many do not read or follow the instructions. If a poet does not specify form and in a quick reading the editor can’t find any, where do you think the poems go?

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