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Learn to compose extemporaneously.

If you will be performing often, learn to come up with things on the spot. This ability is often seen in singer/songwriters, such as Steve Goodman, who once had a spontaneous song recorded as he sang about having broken a guitar string. The Reverend Robert B. Jones has attended the graduation ceremony at Cranbrrok Academy of Art for several years, where he composes a song honoring the graduates and their master’s projects after taking a tour to meet people and see their work. Reverend Jones also has a song on one of his albums that was extemporaneously sung in the studio. It’s a good skill to develop, because you never know when you might need to fill some time on-stage and entertain the audience. It can also come in handy in dealing with hecklers. If you’re going to perform live, practice being fast. Flyting and limerick duels can also help one develop this ability.

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