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Creating a CD is a series of decisions.

The first decision is what to have on your CD. As a first CD, the answer is usually: “Everything I’ve got!” But there are choices and possibilities. For instance, you can have a theme album. You can write and create new songs or poems to fit the theme and fill the CD. You can just go chronologically: here’s what was written since the last CD. You can try to design the CD contents for balance: let’s go with half upbeat and half downbeat.

Once you decide how to fill the CD, you have to decide exactly which poems or songs, and then what order will they be in. Chronological by when written? Some other logical sequence? Sandwiching of upbeat and slow?

While there are many other decisions and surely more tips for budding digitizers, this author has yet to come across them, but wanted something in this section. If you’re an expert, or at least experienced in this area, feel free to send your helpful hints and ideas to help us fill this section out.

Status: Incomplete


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