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Keep a journal.

Keep a journal, of everyday thoughts and impressions to help with your work. You might also keep a more complex form of journal. The author of this work has a journal database with many sections: Diary for general thoughts, feelings, and events of the day; Knowledge Log to record books wanted, books read, and interesting words encountered; Health Log to record aerobic and calisthenics exercises, physical measurements, and blood pressure and pulse rate; Travel Log to record his travels and impressions about the places; Past Life Journal to record impressions, dreams, and clues that he believes could indicate a past life; Spiritual Log for specifically spiritual insights; and finally a Dream Journal to record the strange images that pass in the night on the silver screen of the backs of eyelids. Of course, he’s just into databases and writing. You can record it all as easily in a paper diary or journal bought from the store. You just can’t index it as well. There are also electronic diaries available these days that can be locked through passwords.

Reviewing your journal might give insights into your life that can be turned into poetry or inspire other writings. Of course, when you are rich and famous and dead, your diaries will be published and be a million-seller, too. Your heirs will appreciate the income.

Status: Complete


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