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Double Dactyl


Structure, Metrical Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Other Requirement


This form is much like the clerihew with more structure. It is said to be developed by Anthony Hecht and Paul Pascal, and used extensively by John Hollander. The rules are:

  1. The poem is two quatrains of dactylic dimeter.
  2. The last two unstressed syllables of the fourth lines are not present.
  3. The last lines of the two quatrains rhyme.
  4. The first line is dactylic nonsense, such as "higgledy-piggledy" or "pocketa-pocketa" or "hickory-dickory."
  5. The second line is a dactylic dimeter proper name.
  6. At least one line will be a six-syllable double-dactyllic word. (Not an absolute requirement.)
  7. The general contents are light verse.

Attributed to: 

Anthony Hecht and Paul Pascal



Rhythm/Stanza Length: 


Line/Poem Length: 


See Also:  

Accentual-Syllabic Verse, Clerihew, Dactyl, Light Verse, Limerick




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