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Section 1: Foundation

For a poet to stretch and grow, the first thing is to know about the craft. The more you learn about what a poem is, how it is structured, and what the options are, the better off you are.

1. Read poetry and read about poetry.
2. Memorize poetry.
3. Learn to write both dynamic and static poetry.
4. Know the poetic structural options.
5. Get rhythm.
6. Learn about meter
7. Dig those rhythm and meter combinations.
8. Learn your poetic devices.
9. What's the best way to group lines in poetry?
10. Learn standardized forms of poetry.
11. Know the types of poetry.
12. Study the poetic forms of other nations.
13. Copy the old masters.
14. Poetry can mimic any of the other arts.
15. Learn to tell a story.
16. Learn the emotions and how to evoke them.
17. Study the fine art of persuasion.
18. Expand your vocabulary.
19. Know the rules, so you know how to break them.
20. Avoid dialects that you don't have or know intimately.
21. Take the time necessary.
22. If you don't understand a poem, put it aside.
23. More structured forms are better for songwriters to study.
24. Work to increase your writing stamina.
25. Seek out devices to interest your audiences.
26. Be aware of your personal philosophy.

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