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Section 8: Collaboration

There might be many different reasons to have either a partner or a team that a poet would work in. Many reasons are related to bolstering strengths and eliminating weaknesses. For instance, when one is strong with words and the other strong with music and you want to write songs. Other possibilities are for cross-fertilization of ideas, learning from each other, more perspectives on the subject, overcoming blocks, as a creative challenge, or even just because you admire each other's work. It's also been rumored that it can be a great way to meet chicks. Speaking of which, writing collaborations can be a lot like sex. There are examples of one-poem stands, and others where the relationship has lasted a lifetime.

152. Be diplomatic.
153. Be open.
154. Make sure the ball is covered before you play tennis.
155. Know your collaborator.
156. Agree on some ground rules.
157. It has to work fairly for all.
158. Play the field a little.
159. Start your collaboration small.

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