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Alternating Sonnet Ballade Ballade Royale Ballade Supreme Barzelletta Bina
Bowlesian Sonnet Bref Double Capitolo Casbairdne Chained Sonnet Chanso
Chant Royal Couplet Sonnet Dabali Shairi Decrina Dizain Double Ballade
Double Ballade Supreme Double Chant Royal Double Refrain Ballade Double Refrain Ballade Supreme Double Refrain Chant Royal Double Refrain Kyrielle
Dryden's Roundelay English Madrigal Englyn Lleddfbroest Englyn Milwr Envelope Sonnet French Rhymed Sestina
French Sonnet Ghazal Huitain Mad Calf Mad Cow Magali Shairi
Musaddas Newman Sestina Ocarina Pushkin Sonnet Quintina Rhymed Double Sestina
Rimas Dissolutas Rondel Rondel Supreme Scupham sonnet Sestina Shairi
Sheshire Short Rondel Sidney's Double Sestina Stave Swinburne's Double Sestina Swinburne's Rhymed Sestina
Teddy Poem Trine Triolet Tritrina Villanelle

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