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Other Requirements

Abbreviated Haiku I Abbreviated Haiku II Abecedarium Acrostic Ae Freislighe Anacreontic Ode
Anglo-Saxon Accentual Verse Awdl gywydd Bio Poem Blues Sonnet Blues Stanza Bowlesian Sonnet
Byr A Thoddaid Côte Calligramme Canzone Capitolo Carol
Casbairdne Chanso Clerihew Compound Acrostic Concrete Poem Corona
Cowleyan Ode Crown of Sonnets Cywydd deuair hirion Deachnadh Mor Deibhidhe Descort
Diamante Diminishing Verse Dorsimbra Double Double Acrostic Double Dactyl
Double Five Double Glose Double Tetractys Echo Verse Edda Measures Elemental ode
Englyn Cyrch Englyn Penfyr Envelope Verse Envoy Etheree Faceted Diamond
Form Redoubled Ghazal Glose Haikai no Renga Haiku Infinite Gloss
Kyrielle Dialog Left-Handed Poems Little Willie Mad Calf Mad Cow Mad Song Stanza
Mirror Image Nashers Old Story Measure Pindaric Ode Pleiades Pleiadic
Renga Renga Chain Reverse Abecedarium Rhopalics Senryu Serpentine Verses
Shairi Soft-Songed Tercet Soft-Songed Triplet Somonka Song Measure Speech Measure
Strambotto (Sicilian) Strambotto (Tuscan) Tanka Teddy Poem Telestich Tetractys
Top Glose Triad Trio Triversan Stanza Tyburn Villancico

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