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Ae Freislighe Alcaics Alternating Quatrain Awdl gywydd Balassi stanza Ballad Measure
Blues Stanza Brace Octave Byr A Thoddaid Capitolo Carol Casbairdne
Cinq-Cinquain Clogyrnach Common Measure Common Octave Couplets Curtal Long Hymnal Stanza
Curtal Quatrain Cyhydedd Fer Cyhydedd Hir Cyhydedd Naw Ban Cyrch a Chwta Dabali Shairi
Deachnadh Mor Deibhidhe Domino Rhyme Double Refrain Kyrielle Elegiacs Enclosed Triplet
English Quintet Englyn Cyrch Englyn Lleddfbroest Englyn Milwr Englyn Penfyr Englyn Proest Dalgron
Englyn Unodl Crwca Englyn Unodl Union Envelope Quintet Envelope Stanza Ghazal Gwawdodyn Hir
Gwawdodyns Haikai no Renga Heroic Couplets Heroic Octave Heroic Sestet Heroic Stanza
Hir a Thoddaid Horation Ode Hudibrastics Hymnal Octave Hymnal Stanza In Memorium Stanza
Interlocking Rubaiyat Italian Octave Italian Quatrain Italian Sestet Kyrielle Kyrielle Dialog
Kyrielle Hymn Lai Lai Nouveau Lira Long Hymnal Octave Long Hymnal Stanza
Long Measure Long Octave Luc Bat Mad Song Stanza Monotetra Musaddas
Nonet Octave Ottava Rima Pathya Vat Pindaric Ode Poulter's Measure
Primer Couplet Qasida Quatrains Quintet Quintilla Redondilla
Renga Chain Reverse Habbie Rhupunt Rhyme Royal Rimas Dissolutas Rime Coulée
Romantic stanza Ronsardian Ode Rubaiyat Sapphic Stanza Scupham Stanza Seicinque
Septet Serventesio Sestet Sextilla Shairi Short Couplet
Short Heroic Sestet Short Hymnal Octave Short Hymnal Stanza Short Measure Short Octave Short Sestet
Sicilian Octave Sicilian Quatrain Sicilian Quintet Sicilian Septet Sicilian Sestet Sicilian Triplet
Soft-Songed Triplet Song Measure Song That Luc Bat Spenserian Quintilla Spenserian Stanza Split Couplet
Split Sestet Standard Habbie Stave Strambotto (Sicilian) Strambotto (Tuscan) Tawddgyrch Cadwynog
Terza Rima Than-Bauk Poem Trio Triplet Triversan Stanza Yeats Octave

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