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Abbreviated Haiku I Abbreviated Haiku II Abecedarium Abecedarius Acrostic Ae Freislighe
Alcaics Alexandrine Couplets Alternating Quatrain Alternating Sonnet Anacreontic Ode Anacreontics
Anglo-Saxon Accentual Verse Awdl gywydd Bagarthach Verses Balada Balassi stanza Ballad Measure
Ballade Ballade Royale Ballade Supreme Ballade Supreme with Double Refrain Ballade with Double Refrain Barzelletta
Bina Bio Poem Blank Verse Blues Sonnet Blues Stanza Bob and Wheel
Bowlesian Sonnet Brace Octave Bref Double Burns Stanza Byr A Thoddaid Côte
Calligramme Cameo Cancione Canzone Canzone II Capitolo
Carol Casbairdne Catalog Poem Caudate Sonnet Chained Sonnet Chanso
Chant Royal Chant Royal with Double Refrain Choka Cinq-Cinquain Cinquain Clerihew
Clogyrnach Coin Poem Common Measure Common Octave Compound Acrostic Concrete Poem
Corona Corona of Sonnets Count Down Count Up Couplet Envelope Couplet Sonnet
Couplets Cowleyan Ode Crown of Sonnets Curtal Long Hymnal Stanza Curtal Quatrain Curtal Sonnet
Cyhydedd Fer Cyhydedd Hir Cyhydedd Naw Ban Cyrch a Chwta Cywydd deuair fyrion Cywydd deuair hirion
Cywydd Llosgyrnog Dabali Shairi Dansa Deachnadh Mor Decastich Decrina
Deibhidhe Descort Deten Diamante Diaspora Sonnet Diminishing Verse
Dipodic Quatrain Dizain Dodoitsu Domino Rhyme Dorsimbra Double
Double Acrostic Double Ballade Double Ballade Supreme Double Ballade with Eight-Line Stanza Double Chant Royal Double Dactyl
Double Five Double Glose Double Refrain Ballade Double Refrain Ballade Supreme Double Refrain Chant Royal Double Refrain Kyrielle
Double Sonnet Double Tetractys Dryden's Roundelay Echo Verse Edda Measures Elegiac Couplets
Elegiacs Enclosed Tercet Enclosed Triplet English Madrigal English Ode English Quintet
Englyn Cyrch Englyn Lleddfbroest Englyn Milwr Englyn Penfyr Englyn Proest Dalgron Englyn Proest Gadwynog
Englyn Unodl Crwca Englyn Unodl Union Envelope Quintet Envelope Sonnet Envelope Stanza Envelope Verse
Envoi Envoy Epithalmion Epyllion Etheree Faceted Diamond
Form Redoubled Fornyrðislag Free Verse French Rhymed Sestina French Sonnet Ghazal
Glose Gwawdodyn Hir Gwawdodyns Haikai no Renga Haiku Heroic Couplets
Heroic Octave Heroic Rispetto Heroic Sestet Heroic Sonnet Heroic Stanza Hexaduad
Hir a Thoddaid Homostrophic Ode Horation Ode Hudibrastics Huitain Hymnal Octave
Hymnal Stanza In Memorium Stanza Infinite Gloss Interlocking Rubaiyat Inverted Hexaduad Irregular Ode
Italian Madrigal Italian Octave Italian Quatrain Italian Sestet Italian Sonnet Johnn
Keatsian Ode Kyrielle Kyrielle Dialog Kyrielle Hymn Lai Lai Nouveau
Left-Handed Poems Limerick Lira Little Willie Long Hymnal Octave Long Hymnal Stanza
Long Measure Long Octave Luc Bat Mad Calf Mad Cow Mad Song Stanza
Magali Shairi Miku Mirror Image Monk’s Tale Stanza Monotetra Musaddas
Napoleonic Sonnet Nashers Newman Sestina Nonce Nonet Ocarina
Octave Ode Old Story Measure Omar Khayyam Quatrain Ottava Rima Palinode
Pantoum Pathya Vat Pensee Petrarchan Sonnet Pindaric Ode Pleiades
Pleiadic Poulter's Measure Primer Couplet Prose Poems Pushkin Sonnet Qasida
Quartina Quatern Quaternion Quatorzain Quatrains Quintet
Quintet II Quintilla Quintina Redondilla Redondilla Sonnet Renga
Renga Chain Retourne Reverse Abecedarium Reverse English Sonnet Reverse Habbie Rhopalics
Rhupunt Rhyme Royal Rhymed Double Sestina Rictameter Rimas Dissolutas Rime Coulée
Rispetto Romantic stanza Rondeau Rondeau Prime Rondeau Redoublé Rondeau Redoubled
Rondel Rondel Prime Rondel Supreme Rondelet Rondine Ronsardian Ode
Roundel Rubai Rubaiyat Rubaiyat Stanza Rustavelian Quatrain Ruthless Rhyme
Sapphic Stanza Sardine Scottish Stanza Scupham sonnet Scupham Stanza Sedoka
Seicinque Senryu Sept Septet Septet II Serpentine Verses
Serventesio Sestet Sestina Sextain Sextilla Shairi
Shakespearean Sonnet Sheshire Short Couplet Short Heroic Sestet Short Hymnal Octave Short Hymnal Stanza
Short Measure Short Octave Short Particular Measure Short Rondel Short Sestet Short-Ended Englyn
Sicilian Octave Sicilian Quatrain Sicilian Quintet Sicilian Septet Sicilian Sestet Sicilian Sonnet
Sicilian Tercet Sicilian Triplet Sidney's Double Sestina Sijo Skeltonics Soft-Songed Tercet
Soft-Songed Triplet Soldier’s Englyn Somonka Song Measure Song That Luc Bat Song That Luc Bat Sonnet
Sonnet Sonnet (Other) Sonnet of Sonnets Sonnet Redoubled Sonondilla Speech Measure
Spenserian Quintilla Spenserian Sonnet Spenserian Stanza Split Couplet Split Sestet Standard Habbie
Stave Strambotto (Sicilian) Strambotto (Tuscan) Stretched Sonnet Swinburne's Double Sestina Swinburne's Rhymed Sestina
Tanka Tawddgyrch Cadwynog Teddy Poem Telestich Tercet Terza Rima
Terza Rima Sonnet Terzanelle Tetractys Tetrastich Than-Bauk Than-Bauk Poem
Top Glose Trenta-Sei Triad Trine Trio Triolet
Triplet Tritrina Triversan Triversan Stanza Tumbling Verse Tyburn
Venus and Adonis Stanza Villancico Villancico II Villanelle Waka Word List
Wordsworth’s Sonnet Yeats Octave Zéjel Zahal

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